Our Current Status

Currently, we only employ the very best speakers that can engage and resonate with student audiences.  With our staff, we are able to speak in hundreds of schools every year and provide a completely satisfying experience for both the school staff/administrators and students.  In the last ten years, we have collectively spoken to over 2 million students and families nationwide.  

This group has spoken in every state in the United States, performed work for the Navy Seals, been interviewed on XM/Sirius radio and television stations around the country, and more.  We exist to educate and empower students, schools, and families to make a positive difference in their lives in regard to social media and other pressing issues of our time.

Our full-time sales team is dedicated to ensure you have everything you need to make your event successful from beginning to end.

What is “I Will Defend?”

There are many bullying prevention programs and each one focuses on a philosophy.  Our bullying prevention program – while addressing practical ways for victims to help themselves – is focused on the 90% of students in schools that are neither a bully or the bullied; they are, instead, the bystander.  The bystanders – those who typically say nothing or do nothing – are who we target with our message and resources.  Because 80% of bullying incidents are witnessed by a bystander, we believe that by influencing that majority, we can help influence and change the culture of a school from bystander to defender.  Thus, our “I Will Defend” program and resources focus on equipping and educating bystanders to become smart, safe, and sensible defenders.  Whether the issue is verbalphysicalcyber-bullying, or relational – our I Will Defend program addresses ALL types of bullying and how YOU can help defend others involved in it.

Our anti-bullying, affordable programs (especially with The Share Program – ask today!) are dedicated to helping students be  educated, equipped, take personal responsibility and 

encourage peer participation to become a person who WILL defend those students who are bullied.

In a 45-60 minute presentation, our speakers help educate students and equip them to take personal responsibility for the bullying issue by encouraging peer participation to do something practical that will make a difference.

We also have a host of resources ready for purchase from classroom curriculum to teaching DVDs that can enhance learning throughout the school year.

Humble Beginnings : Proud of Heritage

Jerry grew up in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. The humble duplex he lived in (pictured at bottom) and the Mayberry-like elementary school Wickersham (pictured at bottom) is where he spend most of his upbringing.

After those early days, Jerry graduated from Milligan College and became a teacher in Hawaii. After pursuing that, he became a youth pastor. Now, for twelve years, he speaks to students all across the world.

Family Strong : Indianapolis Living

Jerry lives just outside Indianapolis, IN with Mitzi – wife of 19 years – and his five children (ranging from 2 years old to 14 years old). Family is a priority for Jerry as he tries to make time with family a main focus in life.

From his family, Jerry gets a lot of material for the stage and is able to connect with all generations and ages. He is able to speak and connect with fathers, families, smaller kids, teenagers, teachers, married couples, divorced couples, and more.

Our Gallery

Speaking : A Passion and an Art

From his days as a teacher and youth coach, Jerry has seen the “underbelly” of youth culture with the attempted suicides, the broken homes, the domestic violence, and the teen drama. He has the perspective of what it’s like to live “in the trenches” with youth and develop those relationships.

Years ago, he was given the opportunity to speak full-time to teens throughout the world. His passion is to connect with students to let them realize they have potential pitfalls, they have certain challenges, but they have incredible opportunity and potential.

Jerry is a regular speaker for the Navy SEALS, appeared on Sirius/XM radio, author of six books, shared the stage with NFL stars, and has spoken to over 1 million students.

Jerry believes you can teach someone to speak, but you can’t teach someone to connect. It’s the “art form” of speaking that Jerry is able to deliver. His messages resonate because they are not “scripted” and “canned.” His presentations are truly focused on THAT audience, for THAT time, for THAT event.

Here at Jerry Ackerman Productions, we are SO excited to be able to share Jerry Ackerman and his message to your students!

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