Cara Lane

Cara Lane is the Expert of Exuberance, The Speaker Extraordinaire, and the Queen of Enthusiasm…

Cara Lane is a former Kindergarten teacher turned top-notch International trainer. Cara Lane will amaze you with her enthusiasm for teaching the fundamentals of a passionate life.

Cara Lane’s high energy, expressive style will be a joy to your speaking environment. Her fast-paced delivery, sprinkled with impact stories and anecdotes, makes her one of the most stimulating and sought-after speakers in the world. Cara Lane has won the hearts of people and has become an internationally known motivational speaker traveling the world with her vibrant message on life.

Cara Lane has a degree in education, she is a loving wife, a praying mom, a Weight Watcher leader and ambassador, a faithful friend, a woman of faith, but most of all an encourage and motivator of the heart.

Timeko Whitaker

For Timeko L. Whitaker, there is power in authenticity. She shares her life-changing philosophy with students and audiences across the globe, empowering them to reach higher heights, embrace their core values and achieve goals.

Timeko has dedicated her business to helping all discover the power of authenticity. The guiding concepts of her mission are leadership, devotion and servitude.

She is the author of Hidden Identity and has coached others toward their goal of becoming an author by publishing three collaborations featuring 32 first time authors. She also serves as television host on TBN’s WCLJ-TV’s “Joy In Our Town” where she interviews community leaders, businesses and organizations who are making a difference in our society.

While her goal is to help everyone she encounters embrace their authenticity and significance, Timeko especially cherishes her role as wife to Eric and mother of two children; Daelin and Eyuana Whitaker.

Jerry Ackerman

Jerry Ackerman is originally from Lancaster, PA. After an initially teaching in Hawaii and being a youth pastor in Pennsylvania, Jerry shifted over 15 years ago to full-time speaking in schools throughout the US. He has developed a bullying prevention group I Will Defend and has spoken to over 1 million students in the last ten year.

Jerry’s passion for students and his topics are evident in every talk he gives. Down-to-earth, engaging, and funny are some of the direct quotes we get from students and staff.

Deedee Cooper

DeeDee Cooper is originally from Nashville, TN. After completing her degree in Communications, she safely pursued a degree in corporate America. After realizing her dream to perform was not going away, she left a great paying job to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of “stardom.” After being successful enough to join the professional actor’s union and work on such shows as Grey’s Anatomy, Boston Legal and Numbers, she realized what was missing from this performance addicted life- purpose.

For the past 10 years, she has been a published author and professional speaker in schools around the world. She has spoken to over 500,000 students and her passion to help others shines through in her dating violence and bullying prevention programs. Her motto is, “Be kind- everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about.”

Jer Dunlap

A sought after communicator, Jeremy Dunlap (Jer) brings nearly two decades of speaking experience to the stage. His humor, storytelling, and driven points have made him a popular business world speaker with a client list that includesGulfstream, Texas Instruments, BP/Castrol,SABIC, Under Armour, NASA, Dell, AT&T, Honeywell, Centruy Link, and Panasonic.

In addition he has proudly served as a speaker/trainer for four branches of the military including both regular and irregular warfare.

A former youth event speaker, Dunlap has engaged audiences ranging in size from three to thousands from Connecticut to Hawaii. Jer holds numerous accolades and endorsements.

Among other writing credits, Jer is the author of the book “DANNY: The Virtues Within.”

Jeremy Dunlap resides with his wife and two daughters in their beautiful home state of West Virginia.

Jose Monzon

Jose Monzon a.k.a Skwirlman is a native New Yorker that “got to Texas as quickly as he could”. Jose is a passionate, energetic and enthusiastic presenter that keeps audiences engaged through a fun and humorous delivery style. He has been presenting to audiences all over the world helping develop leaders and inspiring youth. Jose has a versatile background in speaking venues. He has spoken to leaders within fortune 200 companies as well as teaching Sunday school at his local church. His radio audience gave Jose the nickname “Skwirlman”.

Jose has a passion to lead and develop. The question he asks himself everyday is, “How did you add value?” At the end of the day he believes that you leave more of an impact when you focus on others and not yourself. He enjoys pouring into others the knowledge and wisdom he has gathered in his 20+ years of experience. He can say he has seen, “the good, the bad and the ugly”. As a bilingual (Spanish) presenter, Jose has the ability to add value to another demographic of individuals that can help make this world a better place.


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